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Founded in 2008, Jaye Bird Productions, established by San Francisco-based Documentarian Cassie Jaye, was created to provide documentary films with a balanced approach on social and political topics of our day. Inspiring introspection and conversation, Cassie Jaye documentary films have been recognized by critics and audiences worldwide for its respectful treatment of polarizing stories. Jaye Bird Productions continues to push boundaries by expanding the mind and encouraging critical thought on controversial topics that deeply affect our society today.


Cassie Jaye’s 2010, directorial debut was Daddy I Do, a feature documentary that examined Abstinence-Only Programs in America. Daddy I Do was an Official Selection at ten film festivals and garnered six awards. Universities, women’s groups, health organizations and sex education activists have sponsored Daddy I Do screenings to encourage discussion on the future of Sex Education in America.

In 2012, Jaye released her second feature documentary The Right To Love: An American Family. The film featured the Leffew Family, Jay and Bryan Leffew and their two adopted children Daniel and Selena. Jay and Bryan were one of the 18,000 same-sex couples that married in California before Proposition 8 passed. The film put a face to the debate around marriage equality, gay adoption, bullying, and LGBT youth suicide. The Right to Love: An American Family won four Telly Awards including Best Social Issues Documentary in 2012.

In October 2016, her highly anticipated third feature documentary, The Red Pill, premieres its Oscar-qualifying screenings in NYC and LA. Jaye spent a year documenting the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men’s Rights Movement, featuring the most influential and controversial men's rights activists and advocates of this movement. The film also features rebuttals by leaders and scholars within the modern day feminist movement, providing a balanced and critical look into the current opposing perspectives.

Jaye has also directed many short documentaries, including: Faces Overlooked which exposed Marin County’s hidden hunger, Making Mothers Visible, which was created for the International Museum of Women, The Story of Goldieblox, which won the audience favorite award in Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition’, and Emily's Oz, a documentary ad campaign that Jaye directed for Xfinity Comcast, which brought to life the imagination of a 7 year old blind girl.

What reviewers have said of Cassie Jaye’s work:

“She is better than good at what she does; the word brilliant comes to mind.”
– Frank Schaeffer (referring to “Daddy I Do” and “The Right to Love”), The Huffington Post

“This is a skillfully-made documentary with a point of view and a tender touch.”
– Mike McGranaghan (referring to “The Right to Love”), The Aisle Seat

“Throughout the film, Jaye keeps a steady hand and manages to gather and share information without judging nor proselytizing.”
– Barbara DeGrande (referring to “Daddy I Do”), Suite 101

“Jaye proves that she's an intelligent enough director to trust that you're able to evaluate the facts and make up your own mind.”
- Jen Johans (referring to “Daddy I Do”), Film Intuition


Nena Jaye began her film career as creative producer for the multi-award winning feature documentaries Daddy I Do and The Right to Love: An American Family, and is a producer on the latest film, The Red Pill. As a skilled cinematographer Nena is often utilized as a camera operator on Cassie Jaye’s films. She continues to provide creative support to Cassie and Jaye Bird Productions with project concept, filming, story editing, marketing and exhibition. Nena also happens to be Cassie Jaye’s mother.